Advantages of the LPG use

LPG – Safe, clean, efficient


Clean energy

LPG burns completely without waste, produces no smoke, toxic gases and fine particles in the atmosphere. LPG doesn’t endanger groundwater or soil, is absolutely non-toxic and can be used in water protection areas. 


LPG tanks are located either underground or above ground. If your option is for the underground you will still enjoy the view from your backyard, without a pipe or gas tank disturbing the view.

LPG- the perfect energy partner

You can easily combine innovative LPG heating systems with heat pumps, solar panels and thus take advantage of the benefits of each energy source. LPG as a clean energy source can also perfectly serve as back-up power.


Become an independent energy consumer! You don’t have to be connected to the national gas network to fully enjoy the warmth of your home.


LPG is the perfect solution for all uses. It can be used for heating, cooking, lighting, cooling or even electricity production, all without being connected to the gas or electricity network. In addition, LPG has a higher caloric value.

About LPG

LPG is one of the most efficient and cleanest sources of energy.

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