Energy Saving Tips

Tips for the efficient use of energy
Cleaning, maintenance and inspection of heating system

The golden rule in the economic operation of a heating system is cleaning, maintenance and inspection of the system by authorized personnel.

Heating pipes

The hot water pipes should be insulated in order to release the energy where it is most effective: in radiators, in the floor heating circuit or in the convector.

Thermostatic valves

The mounting of thermostatic valves on radiators is recommended. This facilitates automatic temperature adjustment on each radiator separately.

Avoid overheating

Depending on how you use the room, the ambient temperature will adjust: 22 degrees in the living room, 24 degrees in the bathroom and 18 degrees in the bedroom is sufficient.

Reheating a room

To reheat a cold room we consume much more energy than we would have consumed if the room was constantly heated to a lower temperature.

Airing the rooms

Regular airing of rooms is very important. But long airing time costs money and much wasted energy. That is why you shouldn’t leave the windows folded, but air the rooms for 5-10 minutes per day.

About LPG

LPG is one of the most efficient and cleanest sources of energy.

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