Benefits of FLAGA bulk gas

LPG is used in combination with modern gas devices

LPG is used in combination with modern gas devices (the same as with natural gas) for heating, hot water generation and cooking. The most outstanding benefits are the high caloric value, efficient and economic consumption, low emissions and the independence from the natural gas grid.

More benefits:

  • LPG burns residue-free and doesn’t develop smoke or poisonous gases
  • No suspended solids and low CO2 emissions
  • LPG is eco-friendly and non-toxic, hence can be used in water protection areas
  • Quick and uncomplicated setup due to independence from gas grid connection
  • Easy to transport and comfortable to store
  • FLAGA tanks can be placed in remote areas of your company premises or underground
  • Easy setup and uncomplicated maintenance of FLAGA tanks

Bulk GasBulk Gas

LPG offers various ways to use it: for heating, cooking, hot water generation, lightening, cooling or even generating electricity- and all this without being connected to the gas or electricity grid.

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