Eco-friendly, efficient and space-saving

Propane cylinders

The 9.5 kg and 33 kg cylinders can easily be placed in conditions of limited space and can be mounted to serve installations dimensioned according to the necessities. These can be mounted in batteries of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cylinders, being placed only outside the buildings on a solid wall with no gaps (windows, doors).

  • For the installation of the cylinders the safety distances are minimal
  • The cylinders are mobile and functional, ensuring independence from any other source of heating
  • High caloric value due to the bottled propane
  • Works perfectly regardless of the season or the temperature as the gas flow and pressure are constant
  • Reduces maintenance costs of the consuming equipment
  • The yield is over 90%.

The FLAGA technicians and specialists are available to the customer/partner right away, offering the best solutions in terms of LPG supply.

  • Forklift trucks

  • Hotels & Restaurants

  • Construction & Industry

  • Leisure

  • Others

Cylinder GasBulk Gas

Eco-friendly, efficient, space-saving and versatile usage opportunities. Due to the cylinder’s mobility you have your LPG at hands anytime and anywhere.

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