With Flaga cylinder gas you enjoy the following benefits

Benefits of FLAGA gas cylinders:
  • Mobile – the cylinder is easy to transport and store, and can be used anywhere
  • Efficiency: with one cylinder you can organize a considerable number of barbeques, for example, a 11 kg cylinder can be used in 44 hours by a 2,6 kw barbeque
  • High quality products: with FLAGA you are sure that the best quality propane will be delivered to meet your needs
  • Safety: FLAGA guarantees that every cylinder is constantly and correctly checked
  • Environment friendly: liquefied gas does not produce smoke or toxic emissions that could pollute the earth and ground water.

The benefits of the super-light FLAGA cylinder:
  • 50% less weight as compared to the old steel cylinders
  • Gas level always visible
  • Innovative technology, 100% corrosion-resistant
  • Appealing design
  • Robust und absolutely safe
  • High level of safety in use

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Eco-friendly, efficient, space-saving and versatile usage opportunities. Due to the cylinder’s mobility you have your LPG at hands anytime and anywhere.

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