How to mount the LPG installation?

Conversion to LPG

The LPG installations for vehicles are suitable for all petrol engines, being easily installed. The costs of such an LPG installation may vary depending on the number of cylinders and the desired tank size, between 2.000 and 3.000 lei. The LPG tank is usually ring-shaped, placed instead of the spare wheel in the trunk of the car. ADAC tests proved safe operation and superior performance of LPG engines, results confirmed also by the experience of over 30 years in the propulsion of engines with LPG.

Mounting an LPG installation on the car doesn’t affect in any way the petrol fuel supply. Having a bivalent propulsion engine you can run either on LPG or petrol. The car always starts on petrol, running on this type of fuel until the engine reaches a certain temperature. Then it automatically switches to LPG. Switching can be also done manually by accessing a switch mounted on the dashboard of the car. Depending on the size of the engine and of the tank you can travel between 350 – 1.000 km with a single fill. In order to have control over the LPG amount in the tank, a LED indicator is mounted on the center console of the car, which indicates the current fuel level.

Important: the conversion will be done only by workshops authorized by the Romanian Auto Register (RAR). After installation the car must be submitted for homologation by the RAR.

Auto GasBulk Gas

Autogas is the most used alternative fuel worldwide and has been in use for decades. Autogas consists of a mix of propane and butane.

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