Benefits of FLAGA bulk gas

LPG used for heating is environmentally friendly, an efficient product that can help you save money

With higher, efficient heat consumption, reduced emissions and a total independence from any other energy sources for heating, cooking and hot water supply, LPG is the ideal solution for your home.

FLAGA offers its' clients an innovative payment method: you can either pay according to gas meter readings or pay a monthly fixed amount, also called flat fee that can be annually amended.

  • LPG burns residue-free and doesn’t develop smoke or poisonous gases
  • No suspended solids and low CO2 emissions
  • LPG is eco-friendly and non-toxic, hence can be used in water protection areas
  • LPG used for heating is easily conveyed and stored.
  • Wherever natural gas networks do not exist, LPG can help supply that portable energy source you need.
  • Small bulk installations are safe, easy for use and maintenance.

Bulk GasBulk Gas

LPG offers various ways to use it: for heating, cooking, hot water generation, lightening, cooling or even generating electricity- and all this without being connected to the gas or electricity grid.

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